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Filipinas : Kmu News Release


Workers react to ruling party’s 2004 agenda
GMA won’t even pass as bank teller

“What nerve to even look into the possibility of running for the highest office. Her economics degree has been in-vain as she isn’t even qualified to become a bank teller.”

This is the reaction of the militant labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) to Malacañang’s supposed pronouncement that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is gearing to run for the same office in the 2004 elections despite repeatedly announcing her decision to do otherwise.

KMU Secretary General Maglunsod said that the country’s political and economic tide is flowing completely against her. The peso just reached its all-time low, oil prices rise almost every week, high unemployment rate remain unresolved and top-level corruption scandals uncovered.

He further said that it wasn’t surprising to discover the first-family’s accumulation of questionable wealth since Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is just too consistent with her pro-capitalist and elitist position as regards to the country’s economic policies. To return the favor, these capitalists-cum-cronies give them hefty kickbacks. “Imagine how many big businessmen would jump-for-joy every time they totally rip-off workers of their rights through Arroyo’s help. Imagine how favored the first family is.”

“Aside from her direct accountability for the woes suffered by the people, her ineffectivity to solve them further isolates her from the people. Besides, the people are not as gullible as her party-mates. She should consider herself lucky if she continues to grapple with her position intact until 2004,” added Maglunsod.

Reminiscent of KMU’s important role in the ouster of her predecessor, the labor center is calling on the people to be vigilant of the maneuverings of Malacañang to whitewash present and future investigations on the plunder and money-laundering allegations against the people close to the president. They also demanded that an immediate lifestyle check be done publicly on the first family and her cabinet in order to shed light on validity of the accusations.