Filipinas: KMU News Release

22.Ago.03    Análisis y Noticias

Stop the conjugal corruption of Gloria and Mike — KMU

The militant labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) today said inquiries on the Jose Pidal bank accounts allegedly owned by First Gentleman Mike Arroyo must take place as soon as possible even before Malacañang could cover up evidences involving FG Arroyo in the multimillion financial scam exposed by Senator Panfilo Lacson.

KMU said that apart from an inquiry to be initiated by the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, an independent committee must be formed to look into the latest corruption scandal involving the First Gentleman and several of his closest business associates and other government officials.

“We propose that the group Plunderwatch, the same anti-graft and corruption watchdog that figured during the Joseph Estrada impeachment trial and ouster campaign be assigned as the independent body to investigate the FG Arroyo. We also demand that the lifestyle check on the First Family be conducted publicly. The people are entitled to thoroughly scrutinize the standard of living of the country’s highest official and her immediate family. We must know how they are spending the hard earned taxpayers money.”

“We want to know the truth. Mike Arroyo must answer all the accusations against him. This is not the first time that the Presidential Couple was involved in a financial scandal. True enough we suspect Mike Arroyo of being the President’s ‘bag man’ and ‘dirty tricks operator.’

KMU Secretary General Joel Maglunsod said that the recent accusations against Mike Arroyo must be taken seriously and that swift and thorough investigations must be done to probe Arroyo’s accountability in the P100 million dummy bank account under the name Jose Pidal.

“Malacanang’s spin doctors could not persist on covering up the stinking conjugal corruption of Gloria and Mike. The high level corruption and immorality done by the Chief Executive together with her husband and close political allies will soon be fully exposed to the public. That will happen soon and if proven guilty, President Arroyo will be facing the same fate as ousted President Joseph Estrada.”

KMU will hold a protest action at Mike Arroyo’s LTA building in Perea St., Makati tomorrow.