10.Nov.03    Análisis y Noticias

Investigate Danding’s scrupulous deals with the Arroyo administration
Workers call for the junking of Gloria-Danding initiated impeachment vs. Davide

The militant labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) today called for the junking of the impeachment case initiated by Danding Cojuangco’s Nationalist People’s Coalition faction against Supreme Court Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr.

KMU Deputy Secretary General and San Miguel Corporation Employees Union President William Merene said that all maneuvering efforts exerted by political crony and business tycoon Cojuangco must be thwarted. “The impeachment case against Davide is without doubt politically-motivated. Cojuangco is doing everything in his power and capacity to mangle justice and escape his accountability on the coco levy case and keep his control over the P130 billion shares of San Miguel Corporation.”

The labor leader urged the formation of an independent body that will investigate charges against Davide’s alleged misuse of the Judicial Development Fund. Likewise, a Congressional Committee must also take a look into the plight of court employees and all government workers who are mostly underpaid.

“How can there be an impartial trial on the charges against the Chief Justice when the lead initiators of the case are identified with Danding. They are pushing a clear agenda behind the impeachment bid, that is, to replace Davide with a more loyal associate in the judiciary who will cater to all of Danding and Gloria’s interests.”

Merene said that the ‘The Boss’ and President Arroyo always maintained a give-and-take relationship especially on concerns related to their economic and political interests. “Gloria, through First Gentleman Mike Arroyo, already collected a P20 billion commission on the compromise deal on the coco levy case. She is obliged to help Danding as she need political and financial support for her presidential bid in 2004. Danding on the other hand, gained even more under Mrs. Arroyo’s administration. He was able to regain management over Coca-Cola Bottling Corporation and expand business with the SMC’s purchase of Purefoods Inc., and Cosmos Bottling Inc., from the Concepcions. SMC is now continuing its expansion in foreign markets including China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia. The social costs of this oppressive partnership between Gloria and Danding are too much to bear. The people must unite to frustrate their scheming tandem.”

Meanwhile, KMU Secretary General Joel Maglunsod asserted said that the national dilemma brought by the collusion between Danding and Gloria only brought more hardship for ordinary workers and the Filipino people in general. “Far more important issues are needed to be addressed. The severe corruption in the entire bureaucracy further presses down the economic condition of workers and poor sectors. While majority of the country’s population suffer in deep poverty and hunger, corrupt government officials and politicians splurge on their loot from the national treasury.”

KMU will join national political party ANAKPAWIS in a protest action at Sandiganbayan tomorrow, November 7, for a hearing on Danding’s coco levy case.
Danding-Gloria led impeachment crisis will draw more protests
Massive unrest points to Gloria Arroyo as chief destabilizing agent in the country today — KMU

“The latest incidence of civilian unrest and disappointment points to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as the chief destabilizing agent in the government today. Mrs. Arroyo is obviously the most dangerous threat to the country’s economic and political stability. The worsening crisis caused by her leadership will continue to elicit various forms of protests from all sectors, and this includes extra constitutional actions like what former Air Transportation Office Chief Col. Panfilo Villaruel Jr. did during the NAIA control tower crisis yesterday.”

“The impeachment crisis persistently provoked by the scheming tandem of political crony Danding Cojuangco and Mrs. Arroyo will continue to draw out opposition and restiveness from broad social sectors especially workers, peasants, and urban poor. Even military personnel and government officials are likely to express their disgruntlement over this matter and other severe leadership problems besetting Arroyo’s corrupt and repressive administration,” said KMU Secretary General Joel Maglunsod.

“Malacanang may even regard Col. Villaruel as a would-be terrorist, but his sentiments are valid. His complaints over rampant corruption and injustice in the government are shared by millions of poor Filipinos, especially low-paid workers and wage earners. With the growing poverty and joblessness among the population and shameless lavishness among elite public officials on the other hand, more Villaruels will be roused to act against the Arroyo administration.”

Maglunsod further stressed that leadership crisis was evident during the supposed NAIA take over. “Mrs. Arroyo yet again displayed her weakness as a President. Reports showed that she monitored the events at the NAIA control tower all night, but instead of resolving the issue calmly, she let the police gun down Villaruel and Lt. Ricardo Catchillar. Instead of hearing out their
issues, she let loose trigger-happy policemen to deal with the difficulty. The captors of the NAIA control tower were ready to surrender to the police and SWAT, but they were gunned down like animals. We condemn this brutal and ruthless way the government deals with its critics and discontented citizens,” Maglunsod said,

KMU together with other groups will launch protests actions to call for the junking of the Davide impeachment case during the resumption of Congress’ session tomorrow.

SMC employees to launch company wide actions vs. Danding

On November 11, employees of various San Miguel Corporation plants and subsidiaries will launch a protest action at the SMC Complex in Ortigas to show their opposition to the Danding-NPC led collusion and conspired impeachment case against Chief Justice Hilario Davide. “SMC employees will not tolerate this clear act of deception and political maneuvering done by pro-Cojuangco and
Arroyo forces in the House of Representatives.

Likewise, employees of the food and beverage giant will ask legislators to look into the Danding-Gloria conspiracy on the coco levy deal. “We challenge initiators of the Davide impeachment case to also investigate on the anomalous compromised coco levy deal between Cojuangco and the Arroyo administration.

SMC employees will also highlight local issues concerning various worker-management labor disputes in the company. The latest labor issue at San Miguel concerns the illegal and abrupt closure of the Magnolia Breeding Farm in San Pablo City, Laguna last month. The 23 workers affected by the farm’s closure are preparing to file charges against the SMC management at the Department of Labor and Employment.
As calls for the junking of Danding-Gloria conspired impeachment continue
Gov’t must direct solutions to economic concerns of court employees and other state workers — KMU

The labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno today led broad protests at Philippine Congress to call for the junking of the impeachment raps hatched by Eduardo ‘Danding’ Cojuangco-Nationalist People’s Coalition and the ruling Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo camp against Supreme Court Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr. “Instead of bowing to Danding’s political maneuverings, legislators must act decisively on other important issues like the wage and salary hike demands of private and public sector workers.”

The collusion between the country’s top corrupt elements, Danding and Gloria, is very alarming. We must frustrate their political and economic agenda. “This crisis will continue to worsen if Danding prevails with his vile plan of manipulating the legislative, executive and even the judicial branches of government. Even worse, President Arroyo willingly acts as his dummy.”

KMU also expressed support to various protest actions launched by court employees today as they press for additional salary and benefits and demand investigation of the Judicial Development Fund (JDF) which is now under question due to alleged misuse of funds by Supreme Court Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr.

KMU Secretary General Joel Maglunsod said the Arroyo government must exert sincere efforts to give urgent and significant solutions to various economic woes endured by state workers. “Ever since Mrs. Arroyo took office, not a single wage or salary hike was implemented. Private and public sector workers continue to suffer severe economic hardship. The government’s wage freeze policy is slowly killing the country’s work force.”

“Mrs. Arroyo must consider the predicament of ordinary state employees, who are mostly overworked and underpaid. While rampant corruption take place in the bureaucracy with several officials as executives of various government agencies enjoy lavish lifestyles and wealth, thousands of government employees continue to bear hand-to-mouth existence.

The labor center also challenged the Congress to investigate Danding and Gloria and the string of corruption cases involving them. “Danding and Gloria are so far the most corrupt elements in the country. Their tandem is in fact the main source of political and economic instability in the country today.”

Workers will continue with their protests against the Danding at the San Miguel Corporation Complex in Ortigas tomorrow. Employees of SMC will launch a company-wide protest against ‘The Boss.’