Represión contra inmigrantes en USA. Don’t Deport the Wal-Mart Janitors!

18.Dic.03    Análisis y Noticias

Take Action!
Don’t Deport the Wal-Mart Janitors!

Raids that victimize immigrant workers do
nothing to improve workplace conditions

Last month federal immigration agents raided 60
Wal-Mart stores across the country as part of
“Operation Rollback”.

Reports estimate that over 250 immigrant
janitors were arrested in the
raids, many after working on night shift cleaning
Many of these workers are now in “removal
meaning that the government is seeking to deport
from the U.S., an act that will separate family
members and generate greater fear in immigrant

Emerging reports from the workers paint a
disturbing picture of long hours at sub-par wages
overtime pay, days off or any benefits.

The government has stated that its primary
goal is to punish the employers who violated the
However, its nationwide raids and initiation of
proceedings have only served to victimize
further the very workers the government states
that it
seeks to protect.