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12.Abr.06    Análisis y Noticias

From Danielle Shenandoah:

There is a great fight happening right now on the other side of the border. Here is the information if you would so kind to announce it because help is needed soon as possible. There is also a High Level Alert at the border crossings into Canada because of this current incident where all people crossing exspecially native people will be searched, vehicles fully searched. Also, anyone who has had any priors whereas any felonies were committed they will be refused entry into canada, just let everyone know. I hope and pray that the outcome is one where our native people will not be killed. How many more generations have to see this treatment of our people!


MNN. April 11, 2006. 50 or 60 police cruisers have gathered at the abandoned school on Unity Road in Caledonia Ontario. Two paddy wagons are in view and others behind the school. Several vans carrying equipment.

“We are very tense”, said Dick Hill. This is the largest build up so far. People are asked to stand in solidarity with us, to get the word out. We don’t know what they are going to do. It’s not a birthday party for the chiefs, that’s for sure. They are getting ready for something big. Asked whether there would be any resistance, they replied: “Once they cross that line to break the peace, we will have to do what we have to do. ”

This is an urgent request for all our brothers, sisters, friends and allies who support peace and democracy and law. Do whatever you can. Call whoever you can call. Get the colonizers to call off their dogs.

Contact: 519-865-7722; 519-445-1351; 519-717-4292; 519-445-1719; 905-765-9316;
613-575-1550; 518-236-7100;

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister, Governor General of Canada OPP Brian Haggith 905-772-3322; OPP Indian Advisor Jim Potts 613-795-3907; RCMP London 519-640-7267, 519-756-7050; Brantford-Hamilton 905-572-2401; CKUT McGill Radio 514-690-8499; OPP Caledonia 905-765-2339; C. P. Wright 289-260-9345;

——————————————————————-Prior INformation pertaing to this situation—————————————————-


MNN. April 7, 2006. This new Minister of Indian Affairs, Jim Prentice, better watch his back! Anything that may be perceived as an indiscretion in the past may be used against him to keep him in line. He’s been parachuted into a devious bureaucratic Matrix. The bureaucrats want to hoodwink him into supporting their genocidal agenda. They need his support so they can continue to parasite on Indian lands and resources and the Canadian taxpayer.

The bureaucrats have to get him on side so they can continue to block the resolution of the old and ongoing injustices that trouble Indigenous relations with the Canadian state. That’s why they refuse to talk to the Six Nations People. They insist on using the puppet government they set up in 1924 at Six Nations and other Indigenous communities. That’s why they advise the minister to zip his mouth and “shut up”!

The whole song and dance on their shenanigans can be found in the documentary records at the National Archives. The Superintendent of Indian Affairs in 1924 was Duncan Campbell Scott. His strategies served as a prototype for the Nazi genocide of World War II. His administration of the reserves inspired the German system of Jewish residences at places like Auschwitz, Belsen-Belsen and Dachau. Believe it or not, Mr. Ripley and Nuremberg, Canada has not dropped this lunatic act one bit. In Germany the holocaust was short, quick and it’s over. The country is totally embarrassed. In Canada it’s been long and slow and it’s still going on.

The Nazis are right there in that ‘Tower of Power’ in Hull Quebec. They are languishing beside their flower gardens and water fountains with a beautiful view of the Ottawa River. What could possibly be wrong? “Why do “our clients” and “stakeholders” complain?” they wonder, as they linger over their never ending coffee breaks, conferences and expense account lunches.

Duncan Campbell Scott masterminded the foundation of a truly Canadian bureaucracy. He figured out how to twist the thinking of every new minister that came along. None of his lessons seem to have been forgotten.

When Charles Stewart was appointed as the new minister in the 1920’s, Scott was presented with a real challenge. Stewart wanted to act reasonably and fairly. Duncan Campbell Scott had to do a lot of fancy footwork and jigging so that Stewart did not interfere with his illegal plans to rid Canada of the “Indian problem”. Scott boasted he would complete this in two generations.

Scott managed to hoodwink Stewart. That is how the Six Nations traditional government came to be raided by the RCMP and deposed at gunpoint. Since then only about 3% of the Six Nations people have voted in the colonial band council system. They all need their jobs and that’s why they do it.

Every single minister of Indian Affairs has been hoodwinked by the bureaucrats, who have a full quiver of arrows in their oh-so politically-correct feather-covered Gucci bags. You can be sure that they have already designed a matching ribbon shirt and moccasins for the new minister to wear. The bureaucrats are going to put a huge target on it if he doesn’t tow the line. You can bet they’re telling him that the Indian problem will be solved in only one generation.

Will the new minister of Indian Affairs be the first to set a precedent and be fair? Don’t hold your breath, folks! Have you seen them putting away their guns? They seem to have more and more around aimed directly at us. Look at Oka, Gustafseen Lake, Ipperwash, Kanehsatake. Look at Six Nations right now! Do you really think that the helicopters flying overhead are checking on the weather or the traffic? Those are military helicopters.

There is a complex web of deception to unravel. Indian Affairs has a carefully constructed set of snares and minefields to make sure that any honest intentions of any new minister are blown right out of the water. The bureaucrats want to keep their jobs. So they have to keep resurrecting the 1969 White Paper to wipe out Indians and absorb us into their “body politic” illegally, without our consent, in violation of international law.

It is really bizarre that they need to do this new report on the Six Nations land issue. There have been so many reports in the past. Every single one of them has found that Canada is in default. You have leases and rents to pay. Pay or get out! You’re just stalling so you don’t have to pay the 200 years back rent to the Six Nations people! The longer you wait, the more you’ll owe us. This is only on the Haldimand Tract land!. We aren’t even mentioning what we’re owed for your living on our land which is Northeastern Turtle Island.

There has been no period in history since the very beginning when the Six Nations people or any Indigenous people have relinquished our claims for compensation for leases and rent for our land. The federal government has constructed puppet band council governments to deal with this issue. We don’t want to deal with these people. You fooled every one else in the world, but you never fooled us. The deal is to pay us or give the occupancy rights back.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News